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!!! Vehicles and Surplus For Sale !!!
Current Special Surplus Humvee For Sale
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We currently have HMMWV vehicles available for export to US. Dept of Commerce approved Customers.
Please contact us for more information.
We do not sell Humvee's in the USA.

Humvee Hummer M1025

1956 Chevy
1956 Chevrolet Base Truck
Crash Truck
RARE Dodge R2 Crash Truck
!! SOLD !!
1966 M274A2 Military Mule
!! SOLD !!
Kaiser M725 Ambulance
!! SOLD !!
Military Mule
1968 M274A5 Military Mule
!! SOLD !!
Japanese Jeep
Mitsubishi Japanese J20C Jeep

!!! SOLD !!!
AM General M931 Tractors
!! SOLD !!
M998 Two Man Cargo
!! SOLD !!
M151A2 MUTT Jeep - Refurbished

!!! SOLD !!!
1970 M274A5 Military Mule

!!! SOLD !!!
Bombardier Iltis Jeep

! SOLD !
Alvis Stalwart 6x6

!!! SOLD !!!
Water buffalo
M107 Water Tank Trailer

!! SOLD !!
M998 Two Man Cargo - Nice Original
!!! SOLD !!!
Fast Attack
Original Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle

!!! SOLD !!!
M151A2 MUTT Jeep

!!! SOLD !!!
FV432 British APC

!!! SOLD !!!
MB Jeep
1944 Willys MB Norway Return

!!! SOLD !!!
M1097A2 HMMWV Heavy Variant

!! SOLD !!
1964 DKW Munga Auto Union

!! SOLD !!
mitsubishi jeep
Mitsubishi Japanese Military Jeep

!! SOLD !!
tuxedo park
1966 Willys Tuxedo Park Jeep
!! SOLD !!
Fast Attack Vehicle FAV from Movie
!! SOLD !!
Kaiser M275A2 6x6 Tractor
!!! SOLD !!!
1942 Ford Script GPW Jeep
!! SOLD !!
M882 Dodge Ambulance
!! SOLD !!
Humvee Command Communications Vehicle
!! SOLD !!


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